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Have You Said or Heard Someone Say:

"I'm over this, but WHAT ELSE can I do?"

"I'm ready to change my life, but I am TERRIFIED and don't know where to start?"

"I’ve left the profession and feel lost with no direction or hope."

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way!

The Plant Your Flag community is here to change the game for law enforcement officers, firefighters, and military veterans. Our premier community and coaching program is designed to assist you through the transition process, empowering you to take control of your future.

Join Our Movement and Jump-Start Your Next Chapter:

Do you feel stuck, stressed, overworked, and unappreciated in your current role?

Imagine leveraging your unique experiences and discipline into a thriving business where you are in control, enjoying flexible hours, financial independence, and the satisfaction of pursuing your passion.

Imagine living freely and on your terms!

The problem for first responders is that too often we don't believe it is possible.

Sound like you?

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TWhat We Offer:

Comprehensive Support: Our programs are designed to prime your physical, mental, spiritual, vision, and professional foundations for a successful transition. Learn from our successes and failures, as well as from others going through the same journey. Leverage these experiences into your own transition.

Personalized Coaching: Tailored coaching sessions address your unique challenges and skills, ensuring a smooth transition to entrepreneurship.

We Understand Your Journey:

We are NOT advocates for or seeking to get people to separate. Rather, we are here to support those who have made the decision to move on. A successful change is terrifying, but with our guidance, you can conquer any challenge.

Don't waste your time, money, and energy.

Streamline your success. Begin to see the opportunity and the path to freedom.

Break the Cycle – Overcome the "Black Hole Effect":

You're not trapped, you're not cornered. You just need to see it.

Commit to your growth and transformation with Plant Your Flag. Our community will help you break free and achieve the success you and your family deserve.

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Are You Ready To Plant Your Flag?

For those ready to get in the game.

Take the First Step Towards Your New Life with our Personalized Coaching, Comprehensive Course, and tap into our network

Transform Your Future with the financial independence, freedom, flexibility and growth YOU deserve

Our Community- Unlike Any Other Program Available

Join Plant Your Flag: Transform Your Transition

Commit to Your Transformation

- Think Big and Bold: Break free from limiting mindsets and environments.

- Rediscover Dedication: Reconnect with your goals and inner drive.

- Close One Chapter, Build the Next: Transition with purpose and clarity.

What You'll Achieve:

- Set and Achieve Your Vision

- Prioritize Physical and Mental Health

- Master Networking Skills

Create a Healthier Environment

- Find Your Purpose and Drive

-Develop an ability to identify and develop opportunities

No BS Mentorship and Community

- Learn from Successes and Failures

- Blueprint for Success: Escape the "Black Hole" mindset.

Embrace Discomfort for Growth

- Successful Transition: Turn discomfort into opportunity.

- Crush Your Transition: Join us and thrive.

This isn’t just coaching—it’s transformation. Are you ready to plant your flag?

Change starts now. Take the leap and reclaim your future with Plant Your Flag.



1st Responder Coaching and Course Package

We offer two different options: self-guided e-Course and self-guided e-Course with 1 YEAR of one on one coaching.

Transform Your Transition with Our Comprehensive Program. Combines a self-guided e-course with one year of personalized, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

We require a 1 year pledge from you to ensure you are committed.

Self-Guided e-Course: Master essential skills at your own pace. Designed to lay the foundation for your success. Focuses on physical and mental health, vision, network development, ego, and much more.

Personalized Coaching: Benefit from weekly sessions tailored to your unique challenges and goals, ensuring a successful transition.

Still unsure of this? Our company core values and mission statement are how we live.

We believe that if you embody these core values and take action success will find you.

Military Veteran Coaching

We guide transitioning service members on how to think BIG, build a network, set SMART goals, utilize available benefits to achieve those goals, prioritize their physical and mental health, and CRUSH their transition.

Like the law enforcement community, those serving in the military often feel that they don't have options. They too, have a choice.

Membership options include basic and premium with weekly one on one coaching (limited).

LE Application Course

For those seeking a career into law enforcement. Just as daunting as exiting law enforcement, the hiring process is rigorous. We can advise and guide you through the process from application to offer letter.

You will gain access to our online course highlighting key aspects of the hiring process. These include tips and insights on the hiring standards and common ways in which applicants "fail".

You will gain the confidence to know what you are facing each stage of the process.

These insights are valid and not sourced via online forums. They are from officers and their experiences through multiple background investigations at multiple agencies.

Our Company

Our Mission:

Activating people to become a tribe for action.

Core Values:

Audacity- We take bold risks and actions. We think big.

Accountability- We own what we do and what we say.

Integrity- We are steadfast in our principles and our morals.

Physicality- We constantly maintain a physical state of strength and readiness.

Mentality- We are aware of and prioritize our mental health.

Leadership- We forge a path and influence others to walk it.


Rob Hollingsworth

Rob is a veteran of both the Navy and a former police officer who served in the Las Vegas Valley and Washington State, including assignments in K9 and SWAT. He has been featured on NewsMax, Law Enforcement Today, and RSBN. Throughout his career, Rob frequently countered the misconception that law enforcement members couldn't succeed in other fields, encouraging them to change their mindset.

After a decade of service, Rob transitioned to entrepreneurship. He founded and sold a consulting business for roofing contractors, then established a storm restoration roofing company and a custom tiny home building company. He openly shares his struggles with mental health, lack of purpose, and community, emphasizing the comprehensive transformation needed for a successful transition.

Rob’s passion for service and helping others is evident in his ability to identify and solve problems. He has guided many to realize their potential beyond their current roles. His entrepreneurial ventures reflect his dedication to service and commitment to sharing his experiences and failures as lessons for success. Rob’s holistic approach addresses every aspect of the journey, ensuring sustainable growth and fulfillment for those he helps.

This dedication led to the creation of Plant Your Flag, aimed at supporting law enforcement officers, firefighters, and veterans in their transition to entrepreneurship.

Louis Thompson

Louis attended college on an athletic scholarship, shortly thereafter he became a husband and a father. He has spent time in both the Army and Law Enforcement.

Having spent time in both environments, and having lost friends and fellow veterans to suicide, he became more motivated to be a part of assisting in the transition process.

Louis has also built and sold a business and knows that the private sector is a different world. Many struggle with mental health as well as feeling lost on where to turn. Realizing this, Louis has became relentless in working to help individuals thrive outside of the military and/or law enforcement.

Louis and Rob grew up together and share the same core values, motivations, and eagerness to help the communities they came from.

Through many hours of conversation they decided to start Plant Your Flag.

Louis Thompson

After his collegiate athletic career, Louis ventured into entrepreneurship. Soon after, he became a husband and a father. He has spent time in both Army Special Operations and local law enforcement.

With experience in those environments and having lost personal friends and fellow soldiers due to suicide, he became more motivated to be a part of helping veterans transition out of the military successfully. Louis is passionate about giving service members the guidance, resources, and mentality to move on.

Veterans deciding to move into the private sector is easier said than done.

Many struggle with mental health as well as not knowing where to start while looking for a new purpose or career.

Realizing this, Louis has become relentless in working to help individuals thrive outside of the military, only when THEY make the choice to end their service to this great country.

Louis and Rob grew up together and share the same values and motivations. Through countless hours of conversation they both felt called to start a community focused on helping our nations finest, Plant Your Flag.

As a team they bring a rich blend of knowledge and experience to help others facing the same struggles they have worked through.

Louis strongly believes that a no nonsense approach is key to helping both veterans and law enforcement officers alike.


1st Responder Coaching and Course Package

1st Responder Transition Package

Physical, Mental, Professional

1 year of weekly 1 on 1 coaching (premium), online course, network introduction, direct communication

8 Week Guided Course, and weekly One on One Coaching focusing on multiple areas to include: physical and mental health, passion and purpose, time management, business, and more

$9,300 or 4 payments of $2,500

1st Responder Transition E-Course

Physical, Mental, Professional

8 Week Guided Course focusing on multiple areas to include: physical and mental health, passion and purpose, time management, business, and more. (Does not include one on one coaching)


Military Veteran Transition

Physical, Mental, Professional

Weekly group coaching calls, 1 on 1 coaching (premium), online course, access to partner benefits

8 Week Guided Course, Group, and One on One Coaching

Law Enforcement Hiring

Application Guidance

Written test, oral board, background, and polygraph guidance, unlimited text/voice message advice

Self Paced Course

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